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Erikousa The Best Experience Ever

Erikoussa (Greek: Ερείκουσσα, Italian: Merlera) is an island and a former community of the Ionian Islands, Greece. It is one of the Diapontia Islands, an island complex to the northwest of Corfu. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality of Corfu, of which it is a municipal unit.It is located off the northwestern coast of the island of Corfu, and is almost equidistant from Corfu to the southeast, Mathraki to the southwest, and Othonoi to the west. There is only one town on the island, also named Ereikoússa. Its population was 496 at the 2011 census and its land area is 3.65 square kilometres (1 sq mi). The municipal unit has an area of 4.449 km2.The island is rich in green forests, filled with cypress, and olive trees. It has two beaches, Porto (Πόρτο) and Braghini (Μπραγκίνι); the names are of Italian origin, and date back to the period of Venetian rule. Braghini is rarely visited because it is further away from the main part of the island. It’s 8 nautical miles from North Corfu. Erikousa is a small paradise island among wild herbs, olives and cypress trees where guests can hike and come close to the unspoiled nature. The island’s sights are the traditional Olive Mills, which still produce oil in traditional ways, the churches with the stone bell towers, the Capes of ‘katergo’ and ‘Stamoleka’, Koukouli and the most important attraction its golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.Katergo hill has been flattened to serve as a heliport, in emergencies. Reaching the main port of Erikousa known as ‘Porto’, you may find plenty of choices for food and entertainment. Here is the Municipality Office, the Police Station of the island, the Doctor’s Office and the Pharmacy. At Porto there are bakery and mini markets selling all the basic , groceries and serving coffee. In the taverns fish is the main dish, as local fishermen bring fresh fish every day.There are frequent ferries to Erikousa from the New Port and regular ferries from Sidari. There are also regular boat excursions organized from Corfu town or Agios Stefanos to Erikousa. At Agios Stefanos and Sidari you can also come using the Green Bus service of Corfu (KTEL) which regularly connects Corfu town with these villages and from there get the boat and come to Erikousa. Useful Information FOR ERIKOUSA Country code: 0030 Area code: 26630 Police Station of Erikousa Tel: +30 26630 72400 Doctor of Erikousa: +30 26630 71505 FOR CORFU Hospital Tel: +30 26610 88200 Traffic Police Tel: +30 26610 39234 Taxi Tel: +30 26610 33811 | +30 26610 33812 Emergency/First Aid Tel: 166 Security Police Tel: +30 26610 39411